Issue 9: In Search of the Truth in Flint

Videos from the Truth Booth's visit to Flint, MI


Despite the bombardment of information we receive from the twenty-four-hour news cycle, the discussion around the U.S. presidential election has managed to completely neglect places like Flint, Michigan. The country is facing significant domestic water issues in cities like Flint — but no candidate or moderator mentioned a single one of them in any of the three televised presidential debates.

This summer I was fortunate enough to bring In Search of the Truth, a project known to many as the "Truth Booth," to Flint. The Truth Booth is a large inflatable sculpture in the shape of a speech bubble with the word TRUTH printed in bold letters on the front and back. We invite people to come inside the booth and record videos of themselves finishing the sentence, “The truth is…” The videos below are excerpts of those recordings, which will be a part of the upcoming exhibition, The Truth Is I Hear You, at the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, opening November 18th.  

Will Sylvester, Cause Collective

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