Issue 16: The Trump Dollar

An augmented reality experience by Mark Skwarek


With "The Trump Dollar", greatness is just a click away!

This work transforms the American $1 bill by imagining what it might look like if America was under the rule of Donald Trump. Using your smart phone and any $1 bill, you can see Trump's potential future accomplishments visualized. See him refusing to back down from a fight as he holds back illegal immigrants with the Great Trump Wall, and makes use of America's arsenal of weapons. And, of course, no Trump Dollar would be complete without a depiction of Trump's real estate empire.

Mark Skwarek

The Trump Dollar was made with assistance from Mayukh Goswami.

To view the work on your smart phone, download the Aurasma App, then type "Trump Dollar" into the search field. Then, scan a $1 bill and it should work. Watch a tutorial here


See "The Trump Dollar" in action↓