Issue 5: SPEAK

A zine by jason chu

We're told: your voices don't matter. You're too little, too late, too apathetic, too female, too distracted, too Asian, too gay, too poor.

Well. We don't have newspapers — but we have social media. We don't have money — but we have friends. We don't have major labels — but we have Kickstarter. And so we find our voices. And we tell our stories. 

My zine, SPEAK, includes photos and handwritten lyrics to the intro track from my Kickstarted album, Arrivals. The second half of the zine includes quotes and photos from my friends. Contributors include: Violinist/looper Joe Kye, Jaison Oliver, musician FUZZZY, illustrator Alice Tse, singer/producer Jared Grimble, Tiffany Leung, singer/pianist Jenyi Lee, musician Leo Xia, musician Jessica Louise, and singer/songwriter Peter Su.

jason chu

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