Issue 13: Manual for Urban Projection

An urban project recipe by Ali Momeni


In 2012, only about 53.6% of the American population eligible to vote cast a ballot. By international standards, this is quite low: we occupy 27th place after Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, and twenty other nations. More alarming yet, the U.S. has one of the lowest proportions of actual voters (53.6%), in relation to registered voters (84.3%).

With highly impactful presidential and congressional elections around the corner, we must collectively encourage our fellow citizens to participate in our democracy: time to get out and vote!

This urban project recipe is intended to generate conversation and invite reflection on the importance of voting. This recipe requires nothing more than an urban dwelling with a window facing another building, a projector, and a few minutes of your time. The urban projectionist is encouraged to collaborate with family, friends, and allies to uncover provocative, elucidating, and clever reflections on the importance of voting from important figures in American History. Use light to case these thoughts onto buildings in your neighborhood for passersby to reflect upon.

— Ali Momeni