Elevating the Everyday with Uusi

A working sketch

A working sketch

“The discovery process in and of itself is incredibly enjoyable. If you are following a road that’s worth going down — no matter how experimental — the thrill of it creates a gravitational pull all its own.”

When Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits left their jobs in commercial design, they had a similar goal in mind: “We wanted to explore and reimagine everyday objects whose uses enliven and change the world around us, if only for a short time.” In 2010, they co-founded Uusi, a design studio dedicated to creating limited-edition items using traditional art mediums and techniques.

Much to their surprise, their first project, a small run of wooden sculptures, was picked up by Design Within Reach in 2011 — bringing with it a slew of orders and vendor guidelines they weren’t necessarily prepared for. “It was a very steep learning curve, working with a retailer on that scale,” they say.  

In 2012 they decided to go the independent route, launching a Kickstarter project to create a custom playing card deck, “a humble, everyday object whose now-ordinary presence belies its incredible artistic and historic past.” As they watched the support roll in from strangers around the world, they felt invigorated. “It was in that moment that we felt our design studio had truly arrived,“ they said.

After launching ten successful tarot and playing card projects, Dunham and Gits returned for Kickstarter Gold with another one-of-a-kind deck. Supra – Beyond the Pagan Otherworlds is a hand-inked oracle deck created to offer guidance for discovering your authentic self and the “creative hero” within. 

The self-discovery process is important to the duo, who are big advocates for taking risks: “How comfortable you can become with adversity and uncertainty will greatly determine whether or not you can catch a ride on this powerfully innovative wave [of creativity] and discover your true path.

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