Advice for Starting Your Own Podcast from Radiotopia

PRX’s Radiotopia podcast network launched in 2014 with the help of 21,808 backers on Kickstarter. Since then, it’s grown into a home for "extraordinary, sound-rich, cutting-edge" podcasts like 99% Invisible, Song Exploder, Criminal, and more. Read on for pro podcasting tips and mind-expanding recommendations from the Radiotopia team.


Advice for starting your own podcast

Courtesy of Julie Shapiro, Executive Producer of Radiotopia from PRX.

Come to terms with your ambitions and goals for the show. Who is this for? Is this a hobby or art project or a career move?

Identify a subject that will sustain ongoing exploration and is best conveyed through the audio format. Bring an original voice and perspective to this subject. 

Be professional, or at least intentional, in execution — including recordings, editing, and design. Think about how your show looks, feels, and sounds. Think about structure, frequency, and duration. Think about promotion, social channels, and how to engage with your audience regularly. Think about workflow, and gathering a team around you. 

Listen critically to the the podcasts you already listen to, and identify strengths and weaknesses to guide your own efforts.

Podcast recommendations

Recommended by The Heart:
• Here Be Monsters, “Lying in a Stranger’s Grave
• Radiolab, “Colors

Recommended by Millennial:
• The Truth, “That’s Democracy

Recommended by The Bugle:
The Game and The Football Ramble

Recommended by Criminal:
The Heart

Recommended by The Memory Palace:
• Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, “Not Soon Enough


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