K. Lynn Smith’s Wild, Wild West

K. Lynn Smith at Comic-Con

K. Lynn Smith at Comic-Con

“Failure is just practice. If you do not succeed, learn from it and try again.”

“I started Plume back in 2011, just as a way to keep myself drawing as I applied to animation jobs,” says artist and animator K. Lynn Smith. 

Named for "a plume of black smoke,” the webcomic follows protagonist Vesper Grey and her supernatural companion, Corrick, as they venture to the Wild West to reclaim artifacts stolen from Vesper’s father.

After spending a few months growing an online audience for the comic, a friend suggested that Smith use Kickstarter to fund a print edition of the first chapter in the Plume series. The project found support from over 450 backers, tripling its funding goal. “I was so amazed and humbled,” Smith says. Inspired, she decided to make to make writing and drawing comics her career.

As a full-time artist, Smith’s creative motto is practical: “Failure is just practice,” she says. “If you do not succeed, learn from it and try again.” In addition to creating Plume, she’s been involved with projects like the video game Tuebor and the Kickstarter-funded card game Cards Against Humanity.

Smith has some advice for artists trying something new: “When launching a project, be honest. Be genuine. If you have a fear, express it. If you have a passion, express it more. When people see your drive, it can be contagious, and they'll want to help you in your journey.”