Jeff McComsey Is Reimagining History — With Zombies

The All-Star FUBAR cover

The All-Star FUBAR cover

What would D-Day, the Battle of Stalingrad, or the moon landing have looked like… with zombies?

This is the question that comics writer and illustrator Jeff McComsey answers with FUBAR, an anthology that reimagines historical events with, well, the undead. For the past eight years he’s self-published the anthology, which has grown from a side project of mini-comics into full-on graphic novels that are now sold at bookstores and comic book shops around the U.S.

The series began with FUBAR: European Theater of the Dead, a 188-page volume that put the Allied forces face-to-face with the walking dead. In 2012, McComsey launched a Kickstarter campaign to help publish volume two, FUBAR: Empire Rising Dead. The comic eventually landed on The New York Times Best Sellers List for graphic novels.

“For a self-published indie book, this was huge,” says McComsey.

Since then, McComsey has run successful campaigns for Mother Russia, a graphic novel set in the FUBAR universe, and published more volumes in the FUBAR anthology. Up next: All-Star FUBAR, the sixth volume of the anthology, which is part of Kickstarter Gold. The new installment rips through “all of history,” going all the way back to antiquity — with zombies, of course. He’s also reprinting FUBAR's best-selling second volume, currently out of print.

When asked for his creative motto, McComsey says: “The greatest city is authenticity.” He also recommends that aspiring comics creators just get moving: “When people see you helping yourself, they like that, and don't mind throwing in with you.” 

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