Two Tumbleweeds Wants You to Play with Your Food

Liz and Sarah of Two Tumbleweeds.

Liz and Sarah of Two Tumbleweeds.

“The fun is in the learning,”

Liz and Sarah Downey’s father used to say. The sisters, who run a company called Two Tumbleweeds, took that to heart when they created Foodie Dice in 2013. The simple set of wooden dice, labeled with healthy ingredients and cooking methods, is designed to offer playful creative prompts for people stuck in a “cooking rut.”

Foodie Dice was Two Tumbleweeds’ first product, and they weren’t confident it would succeed. But they were eager to gather feedback from potential customers and learn from the process.

“The excitement and interaction from our backers was amazing,” Liz and Sarah say. Ultimately, 3,676 backers pledged over $156,000 to bring Foodie Dice to kitchens everywhere.

Liz and Sarah recently created the What’s for Dinner Notepad, a meal-planning notebook designed to help people prep healthy, creative dishes for the week ahead. (It also comes with a set of Foodie Dice.)

“Tumbling around between different types of products — dice to notebooks — has its challenges, but it keeps us engaged. We’re creating things we’re truly excited about,” they share.

Reflecting on the experience of creating Foodie Dice, Liz and Sarah say: “One of the challenges of doing something new or different is figuring out whether there’s a demand for it, then figuring out who those people are and how to reach them.” Their advice? “Get feedback from as many people as possible, early and often throughout the process, to find what works and what doesn’t.” And remember: The fun is in the learning.