Live Long and Doodle: WobbleWorks' 3Doodler

When fledgling toy company WobbleWorks introduced the world’s first 3D-printing pen on Kickstarter in 2013, it felt like science fiction.

Two-dimensional sketches turned into sculptures. Backers drew wearable dresses, flying RC airplanes, and more. It was almost like an early prototype for the replicator in Star Trek — one moment you thought of something and the next you were holding it in your hand.

It seems only appropriate that 3Doodler later returned to Kickstarter to explore the final frontier and create special Star Trek-themed pens and project kits. Crafty Trekkies can follow guides and doodle their own Starship Enterprises, tricorders, or Spock ears.

These new kits exemplify the approach founders Maxwell Bogue, Peter Dilworth, and Daniel Cowenn have taken to keeping their ideas fresh and their community engaged. Having found initial success with a novel invention that delighted all who saw it, they’ve maintained momentum by engaging seemingly limitless imagination as they dream up new ways to create with this deceptively simple tool.

Cowen explains, “The mode of thinking remains focused on trying to find that ‘WOW’ moment again with every new idea or concept we launch. Nothing is stronger than that, and if we, working with the 3Doodler every day, can still be wowed by what we do then we’re onto a good thing.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

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