Issue 6: David Boowie and the Ghost Formerly Known as Prince 2016

An animation by Automne Zingg


Oh boy. This election season has been a fiery roller coaster that keeps bringing out the worst in people. While I appreciate the dialogue it has inspired (around everything from racism to rape culture), I often find myself discouraged that a diverse nation full of so many thinkers, fighters, poets, lovers, revolutionaries, artists, humanitarians, and dreamers even has to worry about an orange tire fire possibly becoming our next president. I'm disgusted that things have gone this far awry and that we've become this divided.

In order to cope with these choices and my constant seething, I often turn to music and art.

I found it curious that the only time people seemed to stop fighting about politics was when David Bowie died, followed by Prince a few months later. During those times of mourning, I witnessed everyone coming together to share music, memories, and love. It was the only time that logging into my Facebook account felt inviting. My eyes didn't twitch once. Instead, they teared up as I sang familiar songs by our favorite androgynous alien Gods with all the other earthlings. None of us can agree on healthcare or foreign policy, but all of us can agree that Bowie and Prince made our worlds better. I made this piece in tribute to that, and to remind myself that even though everything feels like a dystopian hellhole, the power of a song, a joke, a book, a film, or an idea should never be underestimated.

Ask questions, start bands, start revolutions, write novels, feed others, draw on everything, show up for people, pay attention, live your life, fight for the rights of others to live theirs, and never stop playing your favorite songs.

See you on Mars, lovers.

— Automne Zingg