Issue 15: SIN PÁNICO



We are Edith Vaisberg and Gonzalo Loayza, a team of designers who, along with two more friends, founded adhesivo magazine, the first print magazine dedicated to the celebration of emerging hispanic art.

Edith is an industrial designer from Venezuela with experience in the retail market (packaging, accessories, and cosmetics), and Gonzalo is an industrial designer from Peru who has worked for many years in the UX/UI world. We shared a desire to show people around the world what the lesser-known yet vastly talented hispanic artists are currently doing, so we jumped into action and found support for adhesivo magazine on Kickstarter

Sin Pánico is adhesivo's kid, a zine that bridges the hispanic world with U.S. happenings. For this edition, we've brought together our ideas for how to spend Election Day. Our recommendation? Don't panic, relax, and try to enjoy yourself with the hispanic vibe.

— adhesivo mag